Wednesday, June 20, 2007

There's Got To Be A Morning After

Did anyone else hear that noise this morning? The sound of a dozen cell phones being picked up and checked for new messages? Just me, huh?

Well, to hit everyone at once, the update is: no update. I slept tolerably well, getting up the normal number of times. I was awake from about 4-5am and clocked my contractions at about 13 minutes apart, and since getting up at 7:30 they seem to be a little bit closer, but nothing dramatically different. Of course, the distraction of getting M ready for school may have had something to do with that.

I spoke to Andrea around 8:15, when I realized today was our regular appointment. She said to come on in, and since I'm at 41 weeks, they're going to do a non-stress test as well as check the little man's position to make sure a posterior presentation isn't what's causing the ... leisureliness.

I'm trying to stay non-stressed myself, but it's hard to stop worrying that The Hammer Guy may be considering a trade-up for a scalpel.

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Anonymous said...

Andria, the hammer guy is going to hit you hard, he just is giving you some warm up taps first. I know how hard it is when labor draaaaags, but it's normal. It is frustrating and exhausting, but completely normal. You'll get there. And even if little man is posterior, the midwives can help with that. I see no scalpel in your future. My thoughts are with you! -Laura