Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Let The Snow Swallow The Streets Whole

Well, this is just ridiculous. The fact that the city of Memphis cancels schools at the slightest chill is annoying enough, but at least let us parents bank on that. Don't make us get up, check the news, take a shower, make lunches, check the news again, wake up both kids, feed them breakfast, dress them and THEN find out that schools are closed. Especially not after the mama has spent the last five nights in sleepless, teething-induced misery. Having to deal with taking a day off work is aggravating, but if the closings had been announced an hour earlier, I could at least still be guiltily cozied up in bed, with two happy, sleeping children. Instead, I'm up and showered, wasting lipgloss, listening to the constant drone of electronic toys and bickering kids, looking in despair at the increasingly disorganized pile of stuff that needs to get packed up to move in the next two days.

Sigh. Sorry. We now return you to your SAM-post-free two weeks already in progress ...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'm Not Okay.

I've confused the boy. Whenever he falls or bumps or pinches or otherwise injures himself, I say, "You okay?" So now he's associated "okay" with being hurt or in pain. Which means that when he wakes up in the middle of the night with aching gums, or trips over his still-too-big 9-month-old pants, or is getting bashed repeatedly by his big sister, he flinchingly whines, "Ooookayyy, ooookayyy."

Thursday, January 08, 2009

You Come In On Your Own

Fair warning, this is a post about my children's bathroom habits. The squeamish, childless, and just about everyone else will probably want to just go back to Facebook …

Mr. Baby is, as has been frequently documented, a mimic. More than any other baby I've seen, he will watch and repeat everything he witnesses, immediately and often very accurately. Because of this, I've actually been a little reluctant to have him around the bathroom, because I didn't have much of a desire to stand around with an anti-bacterial wipe, waiting for him to finish climbing on and off the toilet. But lately, he's been showing a lot of awareness not just of the obvious outward routine of going to the bathroom, but of his own physical process as well. He tells me when he's wet, he tells me when he feels like he needs to poop, and he tells me when the deed is done, often with a great deal of angst until the diaper situation is corrected.

Now, I've never been lured by the idea of early potty training, but I learned a difficult lesson with my first child. Miss M showed similar signs of waste awareness when she was the exact same age, and at the time I thought, "18 months is too little! She can't possibly be ready. She's just curious about the big, loud, water-filled appliance." And so I let it go. And then, a year later, when she seemed mature enough and I was about over washing diapers, she was not intrigued by the concept of bathroom independence. At all. The toilet was too cold, too high, too loud. She liked her princess pull-ups too much. She was, in general, an obstinate two-and-a-half-year-old, so really, it was a pretty useless time to try to get her to do anything. Per my grandmother's advice, I waited until summer (and dress season) to try again, but she didn't make the full transition until well into the fall, past her third birthday, and that was mostly thanks to her Montessori teacher and a lot of helpful peer pressure.

In between then and now, I've seen some under-twos embrace the potty (metaphorically … I hope) with ease. So in the last couple weeks, when Mr. Baby has staggered up to me, hands on his diaper tabs, saying, "Potty! Pee! Potty!" I've (mostly) taken the opportunity to sit him on the john. At that point, he sits happily for three seconds, then reaches out and says, "Paper?" I give him a square, he balls it up and throws it in the water, I give him a "Good try!" and we're done.

But then, last night, I noticed a new level of … concentration. (Look, I warned you people.) And as I was reaching for the TP, I even heard sounds of effort. I stood very still, tried not to scare Mr. Baby as I focused on his furrowed brow, and then … splashdown! Twice! I don't know which one of us looked prouder, but we both spent a good two minutes smiling and cheering and high-fiving. I think it took a year of cajoling before Miss M hit that milestone, so even if it was a fluke, having Mr. Baby successfully complete the process is a big step. Especially because after he does something one time, it's pretty much ingrained in his system.

Now, I'm still not canceling the monthly 7th Generation Chlorine-Free Diaper subscription (yes, I'm a cloth diaper drop-out), especially since my 18-month-old still needs his size-12mo pants rolled up at both the top and bottom. He's so tiny it's hard to imagine how long it will be before he can actually get himself balanced on a normal can, let alone stand in front of one. So while I'm not discouraging him when he makes the requests, I'm not bringing it up, either. Life is too short to spend half of every Target trip hovered over a public toilet.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

If You're Happy And You Know It

A lady on the radio this morning said that blogging makes you happier.

It's exciting for me to realize that I'm friends with the Happiest Person In The World.