Thursday, June 07, 2007

Barely Out Of Tuesday


I've decided. That's when he's coming. I've had enough of the whole not knowing what's going to happen thing so I'm just putting it on the calendar. Cha Cha and Pops get here Monday, one of my midwives leaves town Wednesday, so it's just got to be Tuesday.

Just in case sheer force of will isn't enough to make it happen, I've lined up a few back-ups. Before I went into labor with Miss M, I had a long walk, a hot bath and a vigorous foot rub. So I scheduled a spa pedicure for Monday afternoon, after which I'll walk several loops around the airport while waiting for my parents to arrive and then soak in the tub while they figure out how to put together the new guest room futon.

I don't see how it can fail. If I've learned anything about parenting so far, it's that all you have to do is make a decision and things fall into place.


Stephanie said...

I literally scheduled my last birth and it still happened on a different day. So good luck with that.

Unknown said...

Are you going to count to three to him like you do with Miss M when it's time to leave?

Mrs. Katherine said...

You should eat some rotel dip for a snack on Monday afternoon. That's what I did, and HE came on Tuesday morning.