Monday, June 25, 2007

Rockin In Two By Two

The upside: he's down.

The downside: he's up.

The non-stress test went fine this morning - very good, even. He's doing great in there. But, as we approach Week 42, we started talking about castor oil induction as the best way to get labor to go from neutral to drive (and stay there). Amy seemed confident that a boost like that would really get things moving. So to speak.

She asked if I wanted to do an exam, and because I'm such a fan of statistics, I said sure. Turned out to be a good call, because we discovered that he's moved down to zero station - so low she could actually touch his head. (This prompted the suggestion that I might want to skip the full-term-action component of Induction Step #3.) I'm a little more dilated, too - about 3cm now. So it was very encouraging to find out that something is happening, even if it's slowly.

However, the little bugger is posterior. Or was at 10:30 this morning, anyway. Which apparently explains the start-and-stop labor. I guess it's a lot more womb-agitating for him to be face-up.

We left the midwives' office with me planning to start the CO induction early tomorrow morning, but then when I was at Ike's getting all the needed supplies, I got a call from Andrea. Based on the NST and exam, and the fact that we may be a week off with my dates (um, better to know now than never, I guess), she didn't feel like there was any big rush to try to induce. Amy called shortly afterward and said basically the same thing. I think they both wanted to stress that I shouldn't, well, stress. Which, despite what you've all been wallowing through for the last two weeks, is my inclination as well. I'm tired of the waiting, obviously, and extremely eager to meet the little man, but I don't feel like there's something wrong that needs fixing. I still feel confident that he'll come when the time is right.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go do my cow-cat tilts and child poses and send a constant stream of mental "roll over!" messages to my belly.


Stacey Greenberg said...

think all of those nice mamas volunteering at your store will catch on to this elaborate ruse of yours to spend the last two weeks of your pregnancy dining and lounging about?

Anonymous said...

Andria, you need to quit trying to beat me on the "how long can I gestate" front. I will remain victorious. Just give in. P.S. - if you do end up doing the CO, it's really not that bad. Honest.

Sweet Sassy Molassy said...

Any thunderstorm-induced activity?