Thursday, June 21, 2007

Ask Him How Much Of Your Mind, Baby

Well, on the plus side, the vomiting has stopped. Miss M seems to have expelled whatever was troubling her (which we suspect was a belly full of allergy-induced drainage) and spent the rest of the morning eating her weight in breakfast foods.

On the other side ... well, you know this story already. There did seem to be a little activity going on while we were walking around downtown in the mid-day heat, and even a bit when I was sitting quietly in the car, but nothing since we got home an hour ago.

In other fake-out news, Pops called to tell us he was going to fly back down tomorrow night. Woo hoo! And there was much jubilation! But then he called back half an hour later and said he couldn't make it because he got the dates for the Gay Pride Parade off a week. Don't ask.

I was looking at the midwives' call schedule for the month and noticed that today is the summer solstice, so now I'm actually rooting for the kid to come out in the next nine hours. It just seems really fitting that he would emerge on the longest day of the year. I also observed that today is the first day of Cancer's astrological rule. I guess he really didn't want to be a Gemini. As if it wasn't bad enough that he didn't come out on Prince's actual birthday, thwarting my plans to let The Admiral name him Nelson (after Lord Horatio, he would assume) but not tell him why.

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Stacey Greenberg said...

you are dangerously close to blogging more in one week than you have all year!!

how about a dwm review of the crepe maker? maybe that'll get something going.