Monday, March 02, 2009

When I Come Around And Warm Your New House

Not to swing into full-time listiness (I can't compete with the master .. er, mistress?), but in the interest of somewhat-frequent updating, and in honor of one month of residence, I now bring you ...

Weird/Interesting/Bothersome/Pleasing Things I Have Noticed About the New House:

  • The tile in my bathroom looks just like my dorm bathroom's.
  • The doors want to be either completely open or closed - there is no ajar.
  • It is beyond the reach of this universe's laws of physics to keep the kitchen floor looking clean.
  • My bedroom maintains a temperature 10-15 degrees below the rest of the house.
  • The hardwood floors are remarkably unsqueaky.
  • Half of the 419 light switches don't do anything.
  • It is nearly soundproof when the doors are shut, but a giant acoustic reflector when they are open. Like "whisper on this side of the house and it will bounce down the hallway and be perfectly audible from the opposite corner."
  • The courtyard has its own weather system.
  • The combination of couches and Internet give the office as much gravitational pull as the living room.
  • It can fit 50 people without seeming at all uncomfortable!

Speaking of, thank you to everyone who came to the housewarming. Maybe it seems odd to warm a house we're renting for, possibly, no more than 12 months, but one of the biggest draws of this home was knowing we'd have the space and amenities to gather our friends together, and we hope to do so as often as possible. If you're reading this and weren't there, we missed you! (Unless you're a freaky web-stalker or something, of course.)

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Sassy Molassy said...

What is up with all those light switches?