Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Come Together Right Now

It's always hard to know how to come back from a big blog pause (blause?). Too much has gone on to just do a quick re-cap, but it seems weird to just jump into another topic without accounting for my whereabouts. There really haven't been that many big events in the last couple weeks, but all the little ones have bonded together and multiplied into a giant time-sucking void.

My main goal this month has been to re-establish a presence for Mothersville, with the related sub-goal of clearing out the boxes and boxes of brand-new unsold merchandise still taking up space in our storage room and, I'll admit, making a little final-business-tax-return money to boot. To this end, I've created a Facebook group for Mothersville, which will hopefully give all of our old regulars and supporters a place to gather, meet/reconnect with each other, and share news of interest to the community. This was my solution to never getting around to creating forums on the Mothersville website, and it's great because the Facebook web expands much further than I could have cast on my own. There are moms from all over the world joining the group. So if you aren't yet on Facebook, or haven't found us over there, I highly recommend doing both.

On the sales side, I am re-re-opening the online store at Mothersville.com. The second "re-" is because our hosting plan expired and paying for another year would have been counter-productive to the whole venture, so things are temporarily on hold while I transfer domains and upload files and such. But once it's up and running, look out! Everything I have left will be sold at deeply discounted prices and with free shipping to anywhere in the US of A. This includes nursing bras, pump parts and accessories, and even some slings. I know wallets are pinched tight these days, but if you're going to buy this stuff anyway, why not get it for the best price you can?

(Too desperate? Oh well. Those TN Dept. of Revenue envelopes aren't going to fill themselves.)

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