Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Money Changes Everything

This isn't generally a political blog, but I just have to say one thing. Barack Obama is going to be the next president of the United States, and here's how I know.

My drive to work takes me through the very well-heeled suburbs of Memphis, where the rich folks with no silly idealistic notions about giving back to the city have ensconced themselves behind ornamental wrought iron. It's an area that, during the last two elections, has demonstrated nothing but support for our current administration. But this year? This year, there's something new out here. It is small but not at all silent. It is the Obama/Biden yard sign, and it is everywhere.

Sure, there are still McCain signs around, but not nearly as many as I'd expect in what's usually a conservative stronghold. I'm not saying Obama will win Tennessee, but the signs point to a shift that I think is nationwide. The fact that there are any Obama signs at all shows that the people you'd think would be okay with the status quo, the people who should be least affected by the literal and figurative climate changes, have had enough. And when the rich people want change, change is going to happen.

Of course, there are also numerous signs supporting John Willingham's ambiguous run for unnamed office, so it may be that the rich people have just gone crazy.

Postscript: I am informed that the area where I work is technically in the city and not the suburbs, but I think that's hooey. Maybe the ZIP code officially belongs to Memphis, but when you're 12 miles from downtown, you aren't In The City anymore. My parents live 12 miles from downtown Minneapolis, and you have to pass through three distinct suburbs to get there. Ridiculously sprawling city boundaries do not an urban area make.


Sassy Molassy said...

"Just gone crazy," as in recently? ;-)

I hope you're right. Wouldn't it be some shit if a Democrat won Tennessee?

Stephanie said...

I recently saw this article stating that the rich overwhelmingly support McCain while the super-rich overwhelmingly support Obama. Does this mean you are driving past the homes of super-rich people?

Sassy- it ain't gonna happen, sis. Sorry about that!

Chip said...

Yeah, Sassy-- while I think Barack will own McCain in the overall numbers, McCain still has a nearly-16-point lead in our crappy state. In fact, his lead is more solid in Tennessee than in any other state except for Alabama, where it's nearly 24 points.

Unknown said...

Who are these people of which you speak? Obama and McCain?

Sassy Molassy said...

Sedaris, gotta love him.