Monday, August 20, 2007

Tag Team Back Again

I've been blog-tagged! Which apparently means I'm supposed to post eight little-known facts about myself. Now that my entire family is reading this blog, however, along with my spouse and friends, it's harder and harder to think up facts that are still little-known. But here's my effort to toss out a list that is at least 50% surprising to any one reader.

1. Aside from negligible traffic infractions, I've never done anything illegal.

2. I wrote a letter a week for two years.

3. I often sleep with my right foot tucked up against the inside of my left knee, like a horizontal flamingo.

4. The first album I bought with my own (okay, Grandma's) money was Jack Wagner, All I Need, purchased at the Ben Franklin drugstore in Olivia, MN.

5. I sold my first car on eBay (for more than retail) and negotiated for my next one over the phone (for less than retail). This doesn't sound that surprising unless the reader knows about my crippling phone-phobia.

6. I don't get nervous about public speaking as long as I'm working off a script.

7. I can sing the jingle for Pac-Man Cereal. (But no, I won't.)

8. I've only had my heart broken once. The breaker is currently serving 16 years for aggravated kidnapping and probably more for an unsuccessful escape.


Anonymous said...

Thank you. I now have the PacMan cereal jingle stuck in my head. I miss those mini marshmallows.

Stacey Greenberg said...

i have never heard of pac man cereal. please sing the jingle the next time we are alone :)