Thursday, July 05, 2007

We'll Catch Up Some Other Time

I've been so busy trying to complete the birth story (how many different ways can you say "astronomical back pain"?) that I've been neglecting everything else going on. Not that there's a whole ton of things that the outside world would find fascinating about life with a newborn, but it's still been a fairly eventful week. I don't have the time or memory to go over them all, but some of the highlights are:

Day Four: Baby Blues hit full on. List of possible things that made me cry include: my parents leaving town, my physical inability to comfort the baby in any way other than nursing, the ferocious pain of nursing, the ferocious pain of just about everything, and the Leonard Cohen song stuck in my head.

The Admiral's mom and step-dad also arrive and begin their mission to fortify us with stunning amounts of home-cooked food.

Day Six: The In-Law-Mobile is broken into. In our driveway. In daylight. Welcome to Memphis!

Edited by gentle prompting to add: my badass friends moved our weekly childless lunch date to our house, bringing a glorious feast of Elliott's take-out right to our kitchen. The food was great, but the company was what really hit the spot.

Day Seven: I don't really remember anything specific, but hey, he's a week old!

Edited to add again: Der. This was our first big outing! My first trip out of the house in a week, and his first car ride ever. We went to Mothersville, of course, to crash the breastfeeding support group, which I actually needed to attend. Although as is always the case, (warning, Miss M has given the child an unbearably cute new nickname:) Mr. Baby was the picture of perfect breastfeeding while we were there. It did make me acknowledge, though, that I wasn't hurting as badly, and that healing up from those first few days let me notice that he was doing better.

Day Eight: We loosen our 18+ door policy and invite the legion of bloggers (and a Legion of Zoomster) over for a 4th of July party. Ten children, thirteen adults, two sprinklers and a very large pitcher of mojitos later, I'd call our first 4-person-family fiesta a success.

Day Nine: Andrea came by to check up on Mr. Baby and declares him perfect. Our biggest concern? The fact that he's sleeping so dang much. Nap for longer than 45 minutes? We didn't know babies could do that.

Edited to add more: he weighed in at 8lbs, 14oz. The goal is to have them regain their birth weight by two weeks. Guess that nursing thing is going just fine.


MemphisMomma said...

Glad to hear that you had a great 4th of july. Just remember the first couple of weeks are always the hardest. Pretty soon you'll forget that you ever had just 1 child and having 2 will be second nature. I hope that next week i'll be able to stick around longer for the BF group. My daughter was being fussy last time.Good luck with everything. Happy 4th of july

Stephanie said...

I can't believe you opened your home on day eight! Very brave. Sounds like a busy week- I hope all the pain is soon a distant memory.

Stacey Greenberg said...

you forgot monkeyless monday at your house!

july 4th was a blast. you are a serious trooper.