Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My Last Two Weeks

(Yes, that's really a song title/lyric ...)

Trying not to get too hopelessly behind in documenting Mr. Baby's first weeks on the planet, although as a second child myself, I'm somewhat resigned to it. But in honor of hitting the two-week mark (um, yesterday), here are the first 14 days by the numbers.

1: times Miss M said she wanted Mr. Baby back in mommy's tummy
2: times I've been peed on (check with The Admiral for his own, higher count)
3: times I've been spit up on (counting the massive hurl on both me and Kristy - really no way to treat his/Miss M's future mother-in-law)
4: times a day I wipe goop from his tearduct-challenged left eye
5: people who have told me the birth story made them cry
6: average minutes needed for me to complete a basic trip to the bathroom, including the warming, filling and use of the peri-rinse bottle and spritzing of Sitz Spray
7: hours of possible daytime napping I squander
8: days needed to completely regenerate a nipple
9: hour of the evening we start bedtime
10: nights that he's slept at least 5 hours at a stretch
11: times a day Miss M asks to hold her brother
12: cloth diapers used each day
13: people who have held him
14: mornings I've woken up curled up next to his teeny body and thanked all universal forces that he finally made it here


Stephanie said...

I hope I'm included in #5. If not, make that six.

Anonymous said...

— Rolie

Stacey Greenberg said...


and i just realized that all of your titles are song titles/lyrics. i thought they were a bit strange at times!

Anonymous said...

And make that 9.