Thursday, October 12, 2006

When Autumn Leaves Start To Fall

The daytime high in Memphis today isn't expected to get above 50 degrees, and I'm loving it. As a child of the Great Lakes, it's impossible for me to acknowledge that it's autumn when the temperatures are in the 70s. And I need it to feel like fall, because fall makes me happy. My Scandinavian genes should dictate a downward shift in mood along with the dropping mercury, but nothing brings an unexpected smile to my face more than walking outside and smelling the aroma of burning leaves carried on a crisp breeze. I've adapted somewhat to the Memphis summer, but I feel nothing but relief once it's over. I love wearing my favorite jeans without wishing I hadn't, making hot tea instead of iced, taking the dog for a long walk rather than a forced march. Oh and also, fall means my birthday. After years on the tundra, I expect a certain amount of cool weather before my annual festivities. If my birthday comes and goes without a dip in the thermometer, it's almost like it doesn't happen. A few weeks later, when it does cool off, I start thinking about chocolate frosting and updating my Amazon wishlist and then realize, "Gah! Too late!"

So thanks to the unseen meteorological forces for this properly autumnal day. The last of my twenties, as it happens. I guess there's some metaphor to be made about seasons and leaves and drying up and dying on the ground while people step on your crackling frame, but I'll just let it go. My tea's ready.

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