Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I Went To See The Doctor Of Philosophy

In an exciting confluence of my two favorite pastimes, two thirds of my roster will be performing at the Southern Festival of Books going on in downtown Memphis this weekend (specifically, at the convention center and Main St. mall). I'd tell you exactly when they're all playing, but in another, less exciting confluence, my lovely daughter practiced her scissor skills on the tiny slip of register tape where I'd written all the performance times. I know that Jimmy plays on Friday evening, Blair is on Saturday afternoon (1-2, I believe), Jamie's set is Saturday late afternoon (4-6 sounds familiar) and Kim is playing from 3-4:30 on Sunday. This is the type of event I'd normally pine to attend but would forego due to a total intolerance for dragging a pre-schooler through crowds of aloof intelligentsia, but since my parents will be on hand this weekend to help out with child-wrangling and it's my birthday, I may actually be able to make a go of it. And then spend all my commission money on books for Garrison Keillor to sign.


Anonymous said...

I am not aloof.

Stacey Greenberg said...

i'm working downtown til me and remind me that i want to check this out!