Thursday, February 25, 2010

Come On Get Happy

Sarah Jane, by way of Sarah Jane, suggested the sharing of ten simple things that make me (us, you, etc.) happy right now. Seemed like an especially good exercise after the extended wearing of the crabby pants around here lately, so here we go:
  1. Sarah’s hand-writing reminding me of notes passed in junior high
  2. Opening the sunroof
  3. Leftover ravioli and pork chops and chicken enchilada casserole for lunch (not at the same time)
  4. Watching the birds in our courtyard
  5. Planning a summer vacation
  6. My kids’ excellent choices in car music (Rosemary Clooney, “Mambo Italiano;” Lucinda Williams, “Honey Bee;” Prince, “Starfish and Coffee,” aka, The Alarm Clock Song)
  7. House Hunters International
  8. Leaving work while there’s still daylight
  9. Vitamin B12
  10. The quiet time after the kids are in bed

Sarah passed the challenge/opportunity on to ten more bloggers, so Kristy, RJA, Stacey, Shannon, Chockleys, Elizabeth, Katherine, Kim, Carma, and Melissa (and anyone else out there; I wasn't technically asked to do this), I'd love to see your lists, too. It's been a hard winter, let's all make some happy.


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Sarah Jane said...

You rock, lady. Are you saying I write like a junior higher! Hope you're feeling a little more spring in your step.