Monday, May 18, 2009

Cry For Help

I could easily write an entire new post, even longer than the first, about all my audit-related stress, but instead I'm going to try to think of other things. Like gorgeous May days, outdoorsy children, and the upcoming end of 5:50am wake-ups. And with all those pleasant late-spring things comes a question: what do you people eat? Our crew of nine is approaching the season of playing until dark, so we need food that is fast, simple, and will be considered edible by at least 60% of us. And yes, I think most people realize that Kristy does most of the cooking around our house, but things that can also be made by the, uh, culinarily challenged (stop laughing, Mom) are especially appreciated.

Easy, huh? But wait, before you pipe up, let me lay down the guidelines for this group:

R - no squash, bias against beans in the legume family (white, navy, pinto, etc.)
K - no mayo, no combining fruit and meat
A - no peppers, no mushrooms
C - no sauce
JP - nothing that isn't cheese pizza
S - nothing mixed together
M - no chicken. or beef. or pork.
GK - whatever, but she's only going to eat one part of it
Mr. B - no tomatoes (actual allergy, not just persnicketiness; he'd actually eat nothing but tomatoes if I let him)

Okay, whaddya got?


Stacey Greenberg said...

there must be a food network show or "super nanny in the kitchen" producer out there somewhere looking for a group like this.

at least y'all don't have to worry about obesity.

Stephanie said...

Grilled cheese sandwiches, duh.

Mrs. Katherine said...

I'm going to email you some recipes, and I'm going to assume that C's aversion to sauce does not include spaghetti gravy.

And when you're making stuff, you can stop before you add a certain ingredient, spoon some out for whichever prince or princess needs it without the next ingredient, and then continue cooking. I do this all the time for the Little Lady before I add chiles or 1/4 cup of pepperoncini juice, for example, to recipes.

warren said...

Steak, pop-tarts, soylent green, or the buffet at Circus-Circus in Vegas.