Thursday, November 01, 2007

Where The Boys Are

It always surprises me when I hear that people resist the urge to look up old flames, because personally, I think that's exactly what those Google guys had in mind when they invented the interweb. I can pretty much do a comprehensive rundown of my entire pre-marital romantic (and not) history. Behold the power of the Boolean search!

1. The First Crush
2. The First Love
3. The Guy Who Was Always Grounded
4. The Heartbreaker
5. The First Kiss (okay, not really, but the name is too common and I can't find the real one)
6. The Last Of A Long String Of Disinterested Lutheran Boys
7. The Missionary
8. The Disgruntled Prom Date
9. The Composer
10. The Actor
11. The Welshman
12. The Secret Admirer

(The first person I looked up when I originally thought of this post was Scott, aka "The Jock," but it doesn't seem right now to slide him in there with the felons and tuba players. If anyone finds this post when Googling him, let me be one more person echoing the chorus; he was a good guy and a good friend and opened my eyes to the fact that hockey players could enjoy Monty Python.)


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will the admiral start reading your blog now??