Sunday, May 27, 2007

Under An Old Brass Paperweight

A list of risky items to which I exposed my second child in-utero from which I carefully protected my eldest, or more succinctly:
"Why my son will be a serial killer."

- 20 oz. iced chais
- long, hot baths
- nitrate-soaked processed meats (Camy's knows I need me my Hot Italian)
- multi-weekly Dr. Pepper
- the litter box
- surprise head butts from a 3-year-old
- gas station fumes
- laptop-based (literally) wireless Internet vibes
- antibiotics
- .003 oz. of mojito
- small business ownership


Stephanie said...

I'm convinced that daily Diet Cokes are why Chloe came out with a heart murmur.

Maybe all the wireless action will give your boy a superpower!

Unknown said...

You didn't bathe during your first pregnancy? That's kind of gross.